Our Company
        WIT is the leading IT professional service company in China. It was founded in Sep. 2009 by a small group of senior IT leaders from Fortune 500 companies . For quite long time, the IT service market in China was expecting a local company who has extensive experience to support global customers but can also conduct local practice with flexible and efficient services for multi-national(or foreign) companies in greater China. After seven years rocketed-development,many world top companies in China are WIT's direct contractual customers (no subcontracting). WIT offers affordable IT services aligned with globally advanced standard(e.g. ITIL/ISO20000/PMP etc.) in IT Managed Service, ITO(IT Outsourcing), software consulting and infrastructure solution. “Choose WIT, Choose Professionalism” is prevailing among foreign customers in China. WIT is enabling customers café and family time, not being stuck in IT troubles.
Company Vision
WIT provides the best IT service to the best customers of the world in China. Local practice with global experience can lead to a great IT service company in China.WIT is your local international IT partner.
 Branch Offices
WIT has more than 120 IT consultants among 7 offices in greater China. WIT service territory can cover 35 cities (tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities) in greater China. 80% of WIT technicians are bilingual IT talents.
Managed Service
WIT offers one-stop solution and service for all business divisions of client companies. The IT expertise from WIT can expedite clients on ITSM solution/infrastructure solution/software consulting/mobile and smartphone solution.
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